Is American manufacturing dying a slow death?

2022-08-08 12:57:44 By : Ms. Vivi Wei

The question has to be asked: is American manufacturing dying a slow death? The Electric Viking shared an interesting video (below) highlighting that it very well may be. Tesla is the most American-made car and was awarded this by

That’s a feat for Tesla to be proud of, however, as the Electric Viking said, Tesla seems to be the only American automaker that is actually building American-made cars. In his video, he brings up the new Chevrolet Blazer EV.

He said that it looks impressive for the price but there is one big problem. “Is it actually American?”

General Motors, he pointed out, presents itself as American, however, popular American brands such as GM, Ford, and Jeep are moving in the opposite direction.

“They are becoming less and less American every single year.”

“Unfortunately, American manufacturing is dying a slow death.”

He explained that this is due to countries such as China and Mexico building vehicles at a cheaper cost, labor, and factories. So naturally, these companies move to save money on these costs.

“Most American-made cars are coming from one company; Tesla. Tesla has four of the most American-made cars in the top six most American-made cars in America.”

He added that the rest of the list is mostly made up of Hondas. GM, he pointed out, doesn’t have a single American-made car in the top ten or even the top twelve of the most American-made cars.

He pointed out that even BYD, a Chines company, is building electric buses in California. Why can’t GM, an American company, build the Chevrolet Blazer in California? Why Mexico?

Elon Musk shared some really good points about manufacturing and how important American manufacturing is.

I interviewed Elon Musk recently and this is what he said.

“In general, I think manufacturing is underrated. Manufacturing used to be really cool in the U.S. and then for some reason, I think, kind of uncool for quite a long time.”

“And a lot of talented people went in other directions. But I sure hope a lot more talented people get into manufacturing because that’s where you’re making the products that people use and enjoy.”

He also added that there are too many smart Americans who don’t consider manufacturing as opposed to finance or law whose talents would be better applied to manufacturing.

However, it does make sense to me that Americans wouldn’t want to get into manufacturing when so many companies such as GM prefer Mexico or China to America to reduce costs.

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