150HP Electric DC Motor Drilling Machine Motor

                          150hp electrical dc motor drilling machine motorI. Brief introduction150hp electrical dc motor drilling machine motors are widely used for prime mover in various fields, such as mill auxiliary in metallurgical industry&comm

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                          150hp electrical dc motor drilling machine motor

I. Brief introduction
150hp electrical dc motor drilling machine motors are widely used for prime mover in various fields, such as mill auxiliary in metallurgical industry, metal cutting machine-tool, paper making, print, textile, printing and dyeing, cement-making, plastic extruding machine, etc. .

II. Performance condition
 Data listed in the technical data sheet should be employed under the following conditions;
a. Altitude above sea level maximal 1,000m;
b. Cooling air temperature maximal 40 oC;
c. Ambient conditions for motors should be free from acidic, alkali fumes or other aggressive gases which corrode insulation.
d. Duty: Continuous (SI);
e.monthly average temperature would not be more than 24 degree celsius.and r elative humidity: monthly average no more than 85%.

III. Performance
1. The standard rated voltage of the electromotor are 440V, 550V, 660V, 750V etc. Voltage of other classes can also be derived according specific situation, but must be negotiated when ordering.
2. The basic excitation style is separately excited, the excited voltage is 220V, Voltage of other classes can also be derived according specific situation, but must be negotiated when ordering.
3. Short time overload capacity of motor.
Motor can be divided into two kinds according to the use
First kind (A): ordinary industrial DC motor; Second kind (B): metal rolling mill DC motor.
a) First kind (A) motor can endure the overload (1min) according to table 3
Table 1

Percentage of basic speed
Percentage of basic speed
seldom usingconstantly using
 b) First kind (B) motor can endure the overload (1min) according to table 4
table 4
Percentage of basic speedPercentage of basic speed
seldom usingconstantly using
*:When the basic speed of the motor≥650r/min,using the number in the bracket.

5. The change rate of current
6. Libration and noise
7. The efficiencies listed in the data sheet are for rated output, voltage and speed, and include excitation loss.

IV. Structure 
. The methods and defend class of the motor
a) The method of cooling of the motor is separately-cooled, according to the GB/T1993 "Method of cooling of rotating electrical machinery", there are IC06, IC17, IC37, IC86W. Standard entrance of cooling air is at the end of the main transmission (not the commutator side).The defend class of the motor can be divided into IP23 and IP44 according to the GB/T4942.1 "the crust defend class of rotating electrical machinery (IP code)". If the user needs other method of cooling and defend class, it can be negotiated.
  c)The cooling wind, wind pressure, cooling water flux, motor power see Table 2.
Cooling windwind pressure (whisht pressure)motor powerweightcooling water fluxmotor powerweight

2.The installation and the type of motor according to the GB/T997 "The structure and installation type of rotating electrical machinery", haveIM1001 (horizontal bottom install, column biaxial) and IM1002 (horizontal bottom install, column biaxial). If the user needs other kinds of installation structure, it must be negotiated.

3. The position of terminal box on standard motor is on the right side when seeing from the main drive end. It can also be installed on the left side, but it must be written in the order contact.

4. The motor using rolling bearing, nonstop adding oil structure.

5.The motor can be installed the following accessories at the user's option

a) Temperature detector component can be put into the stator winding and bearing room of two side, and connect the outlet wire to the terminal box.

b) The non-drive part of the machine can equipped with tachogenerator, centrifugal starting switch, coder and others which buildup the speed meter protecting device.

c) Heater for preventing condensation can be installed in the motor, but it must be written in the other contact.

6. The air-to-water heat exchanger is usually installed on the top of the motor. If the user wants it to be installed on the side of the motor, the user must put forward it when ordering and settle the assistant upholder by the user himself.

7.The cooler equipped with wind pressure switch, temperature controller, heater for preventing condensation and other protect device.

V. Company introduction
China Electric (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is established since 1960s with over 8-year experience in export in Alibaba. We locate in Shanghai and has more than 1000 employees. Its factory
is about 30,000~50,000 square meters. With rich experience in manufacturing and exploring motors, the company has got ISO 9001:2000 Management Certification, CE Certificate for European Union, UL and CSA Certificate for North America, GOST Certificate for Russia and SONCAP Certificate for Nigeria for our motors.
      Our main motor products:
1.  Medium Size DC Motor, Large Size DC Motor, Z Z4 DC Motor
2.  Vertical Hollow Shaft Motor
3.  High Voltage Motor (  Y, YKS, YKK series squirrel cage motor, YR, YRKK, YRKS series slip ring motor, Y2 compacted squirrel cage motor)
4.  Metallurgical Motor, Crane Motor ( YZ,YZR Series Crane and Metallurgical Motor, YTSZ, YTSP Series VVVF Variable Speed Motor For Metallurgical,  NE series NEMA AC motor,  YG series roll table motor,  YGVF Series Converter Adjustable Speed Roller Table Motor)
VI. Our service
Pre-sale service:                       After-sale services:                               
In-time replying in 5 hours             1 year warranty
First time reply in our work time        Proper training if required
Plant visit is supported                 Help repair or change at the first time
Sample order                      In-time goods tracing
1. How can I get a quotation?
You can send your inquiry to the below rectangular blank directly and we will reply you in 5 hours.
2. Can I get a sample?
Yes. We can offer you a sample but it might not be free. However, we can give discount in your later order.
3. Can I view your factory?
Yes. We accept view of our factory in before order. Tell us your agenda in advance and we
can arrange then.
4. What is your payment term?
Generally 30% by T/T, 70% T/T or L/C before shipment.

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